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Toll Free 866-937-9132

We have pioneered a mileage rate chart for an accurate quote!!

Fast Auto Transport has partnered up with some of the largest trucking companies in the country. Together, we have created the first and only "accurate quoting system." We base our rates on the mileage between 2 locations and assign a cost per mile just like the multi billion dollar commercial freight industry. Prior to this brokers would just assign a price based on what their best guess would be. This explains why you are getting all the different prices in such a varying degree.

Every morning the rate charts are updated from the central database and a copy is provided to our sales reps to assign the correct quote to our customer base. This price includes all taxes and insurance and any additional gas surcharges.


A car might be moving from Hollywood, Ca to Miami, Fl. and the correct mileage rate might be $.35 per mile multiplied by 2755 miles which provides a rate $964.00 for that trip.

Another competitor will assigns an improper rate of $800 for the same trip which breaks down to $.29 a mile. This happens when they don't use a mileage chart. The transporters will not be picking up this vehicle for $.29 a mile when he get another vehicle paying $.35 per mile.

When its all said and done your car will remain un transported. Watch out for this!!

How do I pick an Auto Transport Company?

Make sure they have a money back guarantee first. You should ask if we will refund your deposit if your vehicle doesn't get scheduled. Also, make certain that they don't charge a deposit up front.

Go to and search for the transporter by their motor carrier or "Mc Number." This will show if they are licensed to transport vehicles. Very important....

Ask the sales representative if they gave you an accurate quote based on the mileage between the pickup and drop off point. The reason this is crucal is because of the ever changing gas prices of diesel fuel. This is the only way to receive an accurate quote. Choosing the lowest offer will always ensure a miserable experience with an auto transport. Chances are the car will never get picked up because the rate assigned doesn't cover the trucks overhead. BE CAREFUL!!!

We are here to help you get your car transported!

We understand that you need to solve the problem of moving your vehicle for many different reasons. This is why we have an independent customer service line to insure that you can reach a service specialist to provide answers to questions that may arise along the way. We work long 12 hour shifts to accommodate our customers all around the country.

We also make voicemail our first priority. We have a 5 minute response time during working hours. Our phone system will text message our customer service department if we miss a call. This is the most innovative way to respond to each and every customer.


We have been in this industry for many years and we know how you feel. Our sales and service departments are trained to be informative but direct. We will tell you what you need to know when you have a question. This knowledge will give you a sense of comfort and security when you turn over the possession of your pride and joy to one of our transporters.

At Fast Auto Transport we provide value and sincerity in everything we do. This has been the recipe for success amongst our competitors. We look forward to working with you!





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